3.1 GLWS Value Proposition

In this first topic, you will learn about how to apply and position the GLWS in different scenarios and how to recognise a variety of different needs and opportunities to address various organisational pain points.

This is a crucial session that will help you to understand and articulate why an organisation might choose to invest in the GLWS.

In this 26 minute video, Audrey shares some of the ways GLWS can be pitched to bring benefits to organisations. This will prepare you to undertake a short assignment on value propositions inviting you to consider what angles might be of most interest to your client groups, and the investment fees required.

After you’ve watched the video, click on “Mark Complete”.

Click on Next Topic if you wish to complete the GLWS Value Proposition Assignment. This assignment will help you apply the information from this topic to identify and scope opportunities for GLWS use with real life potential clients.