3: Positioning and Applying the GLWS

This lesson is about how you position and integrate the GLWS in your toolkit relevant to your client base and organisation.

Almost certainly, you’ll find lots more ideas and helpful concepts here since you did your original accreditation. There’s lots to update you on about developments in how and where wellbeing is sitting in organisations, and also a great new section for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into the relationships between gender, age and wellbeing from a diversity and inclusion perspective.

All interesting stuff!

Whenever someone new is going through accreditation for the first time, each and every section in this whole course is mandatory for them. But we didn’t feel we could impose that on you – so again, you’re free to choose as much or as little as you want depending on your interests and needs.

Scroll down through the “Lesson Content” section below and go through each item in order or select those you wish to review. Each item comes with its own stretch challenges – go on, you know you’ll love them!


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