Lesson 3 Topic 1 GLWS Value Proposition Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help you bridge the gap that can sometimes exist between skill in interpreting a tool with confidence in identifying and scoping the opportunities for its usage. This is a sales and business development exercise which has been designed to help close the gap. It is intended to be as valuable for internal consultants as it is for externals.


1. Identify a real-life client where you feel GLWS would bring value. Please keep the name of the individual and organisation anonymous.

2. Using the organisational pain points chart (in Materials tab) as a guide, identify your client’s top priorities. (If you are not sure, organise a 15 minute catch-up call – it’s a great way to develop your understanding of your clients’ needs).

3. Having identified the strategic pain-points that are of most concern to your client, you will have developed a high level understanding of how the GLWS can be a potential solution. Your next step is to think about the best way to deploy the GLWS for this client’s needs – will that best be done through individual coaching, leadership development, wellbeing, diversity & inclusion or team based programs? Or in another way?

4. Review some examples of GLWS value propositions on my GLWS:  Examples of GLWS value propositions

5. The cost of the GLWS varies from country to country. In your resources tab for this course, review the Price List for the country or region where your client(s) are based. Use these product prices to cost-out your proposed solution.  If your client is a charity, we offer Not for Profit price lists in some markets.

6. Develop and submit a short proposal for your client, summarising the need(s) identified, your value proposition and the costs involved.

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