Thank you

Remember to use the GLWS Evaluation Survey after your debrief!

Thank you for submitting your order for a GLWS survey. You will receive a confirmation email when this request has been actioned by the GLWS team. Please see below for the process from here, if you have any questions, please contact


GLWS invites will be sent within one business day of our receipt of the complete information required AND/OR on the date requested by you. We will email you confirmation that your request has been actioned.

Monitoring progress

EEK & SENSE will monitor completion rates and keep you informed of these. Additional reminders can be sent to respondents as requested by you or at our suggestion.

Report Generation

Upon completion, a link to a password protected PDF of the GLWS Personal Report(s) will be sent directly to you. If you request a GLWS Team or Group Wellbeing report, a link to a password protected WORD version will be sent directly to you (to allow you to edit this to suit your intervention).

The password(s) to your GLWS Personal Reports will always follow the same construction and this will be shared with you in a confirmation email when you place your first order. We recommend that you make a note of this password construction in a secure place. For Team / Group reports, the password will be shared with you in a confirmation email once ordered.


For all GLWS completed in a calendar month you will receive an invoice in arrears payable within 30 days from the date of issue. You will only be invoiced for completed surveys.

GLWS® Terms and Conditions of Use

As a reminder, all of the above and other details about using GLWS are contained within this document (signed by you before completion of the GLWS Accreditation program).

GLWS® Pricing

Contact us for a copy of the current GLWS Price List for your region