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How to use the Facilitator resources


Getting started

Download the Facilitator Overview, the Learner Guide and the Facilitator Presentation and Notes from the links below.

Open up the Facilitator Presentation and Notes and watch the videos below to help familiarise yourself with the content.


Faciltator Overview

The Facilitator Overview will provide you with an overview of the whole session, including the approximate timing for each slide, resources and links to the content videos. It will also provide you with additional content for you to use in debriefs of the activities and quizzes throughout the session.

Facilitator Presentation and Notes

The Facilitator Presentation and Notes is a powerpoint presentation with clear presenter notes to guide you through the key points and activities for each slide. 


The videos below are provided to give you an in-depth understanding of the content that you will be delivering.

In some cases, you may choose to play the videos in place of live facilitation for the topics where you may feel it would be more beneficial.

Please note that the videos are not intended to replace live facilitation. They are provided to help you deliver content in areas where you may require more support. So, choose to use these sparingly. The value of live facilitation is in the engagement with the participants!

All activities are to be faciliated live. 


Learner's Guide

The Learner’s Guide should be downloaded and printed in colour for each participant to complete actvities and reflections throughout the session. 

Faciliator Overview

Facilitator Presentation & Notes

Learner’s Guide


Slides 1-3 Essential Concepts


Time: 10:45

Slide 4 Defining Wellbeing - the Elusive Balance

Time: 1:46

Slides 5 - 6 Mental Health vs Wellbeing and Complete State Model

Time: 6:25

Slide 7 The Wellbeing Continuum

Time: 3:37

Slides 8 - 9 The VUCA Impact

Time: 9:34

Slides 10 - 11 Wellbeing ia Complext Challenge

Time: 6:22

Slides 12 - 17 Stress and Performance

Time: 10:27

Slides 18 - 24 The GLWS Framework

Time: 9:58

Slides 25 - 29 Wellbeing prioritisation and TOILs Framework

Time: 7:04

Slides 30 - 31 Wellbeing as a Core Capability

Time: 3:59

Slide 32 Wellbeing Shadow

Time: 6:17

Slides 33 - 34 Talking about Wellbeing

Time: 8:23

Slides 35 -38 Being courageous and supportive - Wellbeing Conversations

Time: 16:08

Slides 39 - 41 Signs of Low Wellbeing

Time: 8:37

Slide 42 Ensuring Wellbeing Sticks

Time: 7:35

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