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This course is designed for:

GLWS Level 1 accredited practitioners who would like to use the GLWS with a team or group  and generate an aggregated GLWS report to analyse the group’s wellbeing trends.  

The Group report can be used as a means to support a variety of organisational and team development initiatives, including, but not limited to targeting learning and development initiatives, determining leadership and cultural practices, organisational policies and procedures, assessing pre and post initiative impact. 

In this course you will learn to:

  • Analyse, interpret and present GLWS Team and Group reports and data
  • Use GLWS in a more systemic way within teams and across organisations
  • Position, scope and budget GLWS team/group interventions

And the end result?

You will be equipped with the practical knowledge, frameworks and tools to confidently extend the use of GLWS beyond personal coaching, and solve more complex, systemic and cultural challenges using the GLWS Group Report.

Are you ready?

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