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Reach Wellbeing Program

This Reach Wellbeing program has been designed to be helpful to anyone in Ashurst who wants to enhance their wellbeing, resilience and mental health skills. It has been developed in close consultation with Ashurst, by one of the firm’s key employee wellbeing advisers, Audrey McGibbon. 

It is suitable for all employees and partners, and has been developed and offered in support of the firm’s commitment to ensuring wellbeing and mental health is inclusive of everyone in the firm. 

Over time, this program will be extended to become an integrated series of short courses, each offering considered and specific guidance about how to enhance wellbeing across all of the key domains that affect it – social and relationship wellbeing; self-identity, meaning and purpose; emotional and mental health; physical vitality and energy; cognitive brain health and optimising balance, boundaries, routines and habits. 

Please click “Select” below to register and complete the first course in the series – a Masterclass Foundation on Wellbeing for Professionals. This contains core material fundamental to understanding how the firm wants to work together with everyone to build a truly sustainable culture where high performance and wellbeing go hand in hand. 

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